Rightsline utilizes Amazon Simple Notification Service for our pub/sub messaging system.

Messages are published to SNS topics by the Char Type of the entity. Subscribers to these topics are able to filter what types of messages they receive using a Subscription Filter Policy.

For example, if a subscriber is only interested in messages for entities that are created or updated and are of a specific template, they could use the following Subscription Filter Policy:

  "action": [
   "templateID": [
      "numeric": [

Messages can be filtered by any of the included Message Attributes.

If we will be maintaining your subscriptions, contact Rightsline Support with the following to get started:

  1. Desired environment(s) – Integration, Staging, Production

  2. Endpoint - HTTPS endpoint, or SQS Standard queue ARN

  3. Needed Entities and actions, i.e. Catalog Item, Create and Update

Permissions will be needed in order for subscriptions to be properly created. Rightsline will inform you on how to setup the permissions for the chosen endpoint once supplied. Once we set up the subscription, you will need to check your endpoint for a confirmation message as well as a confirmation URL and confirm your subscription.

If you will be maintaining your own subscription (new to v4!), in addition to the environment(s) and char types you are interested in, we will only need the AWS account ID you will be using to create the subscriptions in order to update the security policies on our side.

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