Getting started


A few things to consider and get organized if you are ready to start receiving messages from Rightsline:

  • A Rightsline SQS queue or EventBridge event bus will be populated with every audit event that occurs, so this is best suited for customers who need integrations to a wide variety of data points.

  • SNS messages are much more targeted as the topics are based on a specific char types in Rightsline (e.g. Catalog Item, Deal, etc.) and can further be filtered in the subscription by specific actions (created, updated, deleted), individual user performing the action, template or status of the entity, as well as other message attributes.

  • We have updated our security policies in accordance with AWS best practices and require all customers that need to subscribe to SQS or SNS messages to have their own AWS account. You will need to provide us with that account ID in order to set up the correct permissions for all of the resources involved.

Setting up a new messaging integration

First, determine what type of message destination works best for your use case:

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